Free software activities in July and August 2016

Sep 1, 2016, by Hugo Lefeuvre.

DebConf 16 group photo.

July and August have been very active months in my involvement within the Debian project: DebConf16, numerous NEW package uploads and adoptions, RC bugs squashing and first contributions in the Security and LTS teams.

DebConf 16

As hundred other Debian developers and contributors, I have attended DebConf 16 during the first week of July. This week has been very interesting and motivating: Discussing with other developers brought a lot of new ideas and projects for the next year. I've met a bunch of nice people from all around the world, discovered Cape-Town, seen Cape Point, pinguins at Boulders beach and drunk local beer in Long Street. In a nutshell: Efficient and fun. I hope I will be able to attend DebConf 17, next year in Montreal!

Import of Kali packages

NEW uploads and adoptions

RC bugs squashing

QA uploads

Security & LTS uploads

Personal packages